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GSC celebrates its 30th anniversary in the aerospace sector

GSC celebrates its 30th anniversary in the sector as a benchmark company applying the technology of aerospace machining parts and assemblies. Thanks to its long history and its capabilities, the andalusian firm provides the most effective and innovative solutions to the main manufacturers and suppliers of the global aerospace market.

Thanks to its expertise, GSC is proud of being one of the companies with the widest experience in the Andalusian aeronautical sector. It is already thirty years in the vanguard of the sector, innovating from the South of Spain to the rest of the world. GSC has established itself as a global TIER 2 company for aerospace manufacturing and it has become a leading firm in the supply of parts and assemblies for large international companies such as Airbus Defence & Space; as well as for the Spanish Alestis or Aciturri.

With an integrating vision, GSC covers all the processes necessary for the manufacture of highly competitive aeronautical components in the market. “Our main mission is to provide value to the customer. We assume complex projects of comprehensive management and completely tailored to customer’s needs. We look for the most effective solution, that responds in a personal way and with a maximum reduction of delivery times”, the manager of GSC, Juan Manuel Montaño, says.

The great potential of GSC guarantees the fulfillment of the expectations in the machining of aeronautical parts at any level. Since the manufacture of pieces for subsequent integration into aircraft manufacturing, to the assembly of high – performance aerostructures for the international aerospace market.

Past and present of a reference group

GSC was born in 1989 by its founder Jose Luis Montaño, with the aim of becoming global partner in the aerospace machining and assembly sector. Thanks to its wide experience, the company has undergone high transformation in these 30 years of expertise, which went through a turning point in 2003 when it decided to bet on the vertical integration of the set of capabilities necessary for the development of its productive activity.

The growth of the company in these last ten years has evolved significantly, reaching an increase in CT (Customs Territory) turnover of more than 8.9%. After an investment of close to 15 million euros, the company has managed to grow its workforce by more than 22.7% and has gone from having facilities of 3,500 m2 to 50,000 m2 at present. “We have complete facilities, equipped with the latest and most innovative machinery in the sector. Thus, we can guarantee excellence in results and provide customers the most comprehensive response that allows saving costs in time and resources”, the company points out.

Today, talking about GSC is talking about a backed leadership that celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019. A broad endorsement that is combined with constant improvement through lean methodologies, innovation, teamwork, high qualification of its employees, social responsibility and commitment to the environment.

A cross and unified CORE

The productive activity of GSC covers the global processes and domains required in the machining of aerospace parts, a differential value for the customer. Thus, GSC counts on different divisions on engineering and design, procurement and raw materials, manufacturing, thermal treatments, surface treatments, assembly and logistics. So it is possible to optimize the resources to the maximum and guarantee the most complete final product, as well as to establish itself as an integral supplier that control the whole process from the beginning to the end.

The model implemented by GSC represents a breakthrough in project management, allowing high benefits for the client and a differential for the group. Along with the digitalization carried out by GSC and the evolution towards the so-called 4.0 industry, there has been a continuous improvement of an increasingly settled and unified model.

GREEN-FA 4.0, additive manufacturing of aeronautical engine critical parts.

GSC is committed to expanding services that complement the conventional machining process, with the aim of contributing to the development of additive manufacturing technologies. GSC’s R&D area is part of the Green-FA 4.0 project, together with other Andalusian companies with proven industrial experience. The project is carried out in Andalusia and with views in the international market, and the main objective of this program is to achieve the maturation of Direct Material Deposition by Laser technologies by robot, for its application in the additive manufacturing of critical parts. The Green-FA 4.0 will allow participating members the opportunity to position themselves before important companies not present in Spain as potential suppliers of components with a high added value, thus expanding the business line and strongly boosting exports in the Andalusian aeronautical sector.

Internationalization and future of GSC

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, GSC looks to the future with enthusiasm, betting on internationalization, industry 4.0 and digitalization as fundamental pillars to face the challenges of the current aerospace panorama and keep growing.

Immersed in the process of international expansion, GSC intends to position itself outside Europe, strategically located in the areas known as BCC (Best Cost Country) by the big OEM’s.

Although the real driving force for the future for GSC must be done from its CORE Business: machining. One aspect in which growth, specialization and investments will be focused on to become a benchmark for machining and new techniques that are expected to be implemented in the global aviation market.

GSC, among the best suppliers of aerospace machining for Airbus.

Last December, in Toulouse, the Airbus group held its annual strategic suppliers Conference D2P (Details Parts Partner), which brought together the leading companies in machining, sheet metal and structure that work for the European aircraft manufacturer. For the third year in a row , GSC has been evaluated as a detailed part strategic supplier (D2P) Class B, which includes a thorough evaluation by Airbus of the strategic and operational capacities of the best suppliers in the world in its specialty. Airbus works with more than 12,000 suppliers, with a total supply volume valued at approximately 49,600 million euros. With this new recognition, GSC has established itself as one of the best world aerospace machining suppliers for Airbus.

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